Communicating To Investors

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Communication Hierarchy Among Investors, Employees and Customers Move your headings flush left.

Since this is occurring the investors will have to be calmed down first, Really? -Christopher Thacker 4/9/10 3:47 PM then the employees who are also investors and last but not least the customers. The customers are basically the most important to the company and possibly will get their news along with the employees. The employees have a lot of power in the company, being that they are investors and also customers. Furthermore, they represent the company. This order may be the best strategy, since if done well the investors won’t leave but possibly invest a little more. Since they are so fickle and hold so much power they can either be
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Thanks the people that are loyal to the store we plan to lead the way again with some terrific products by being the same great company we always were instead of overspending and overextending ourselves. This positive outlook may bring back a positive happy customer with no real reason to complain about anything. The best way to reach the customer is by television and a very positive message about the product. Techniques could be talking about past success and showing off plans for the future. Not only that “quality speaks for itself” and Under Armour does sell a great product.

Employee Satisfaction and a Positive Relationship With Under Armour

The employees reaction to the message will most likely be negative. Saddened by loosing their jobs, while trying to do the best they can will really bring about some negative feelings. I guess there are things called severance pay or free products to make the day go a little better. However, possibly being really upset they could bad mouth the company, talk about what a negative experience it was, choose not to shop there ever again, and make a lot of problems somehow. Something for them to consider is the next company they work for may not be that happy with them if they were really treated fairly at Under Armour. However being laid of is not a happy occasion and hopefully UA will not coldly start handing out pink slips. A meeting from a higher up manager who will have to
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