Communicating as an It Professional: Important or Insignificant?

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Module 3 SLP Assignment
Course Number: ITM-524
Dr. Ken Myers, PhD

Communicating as an IT Professional: Important or Insignificant?
So there I was!!

360 degree communications is a must in any IT project. It is the key factor that keeps everyone informed and fosters your credibility and cooperation of others. 360 degree communications does not mean to share every tidbit of information about a project with everyone involved; in fact it is the opposite. An IT Manager should only share the pertinent critical information within particular sections, however using newsletters or websites to share overview project progress or design “can sometimes spur that last elusive piece of critical information needed to
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360 degree communication involves communicating up, down and all around with relevant others to help insure increased personal and organizational effectiveness.” (Myers, 2009). Maj Ferijah agreed on all aspects of the definition and went on to add that “as a soldier it is very important that you are politically sensitive to the current chain of command”, and that “you must completely understand your audience, especially when your briefing incoming VIP’s or local government officials. You will brief both completely different, you must understand what they expect to see and not surprise them with anything”. Maj Ferijah has a complete understanding of 360 degree communications and his observations were spot on. When asked about persuasive and influential communications Maj Ferijah explained that, “this is an everyday occurrence for me. Trying to get resources in a very limited environment that I’m working out of is extremely difficult”, and then went on to say “ you must understand that trying to explain upgrades or IT specific stuff to non IT soldiers is very frustrating but you need to influence them by telling them, in laymen’s terms, how it will benefit them. Then you can pretty much get anything you want once you figure out what motivates them.” I also asked him what he believed to be good communications practices, both orally and written. Maj Felijah stated that, “they don’t teach everything you need to know at some military school. You have to develop this on
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