Communicating the Change

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HRM-587 Course Project
Part 4: Communicating the Change
Date: 2/17/13

Communicating the Change
Communication is generally known as the glue that holds organizations together. It is the way we share information, ideas, goals, directions, expectations, feelings, and emotions in the context of organized action. The change strategy for communicating the necessary changes made by Apple during the integration of iPod and iTunes business unit and the subsequent vision that kept the company flexible to remain competitive, is inherent in its ability to handle communication at all levels. The CEO’s vision provides clear direction for all the business units working together to meet shareholder expectations and at the same time
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No doubt Apple is known to place bets on what it thinks consumers want or need, chiefly behind which possibilities it wants its products to support, and decides how it exclusively will make these come about. Apple developed this particular product, chose its physical design, software platform, and other utilities, in order to support current features and use of this iPad. In essence, Apple’s choices also express, demonstrate and create its vision of the future.
Consumers and stakeholders have come to equate the qualities of Apple’s product and its attributes to the organization itself. Apple is one of the companies that made the interdependency between organizational ‘brand’ and product identity more noticeable. Therefore, the features that distinguish the new iPad say a lot about who Apple might be becoming at the time. The iPad has a closed platform and the centralized control of apps, and the content work together to create a technology product that is not so much about creating things as it is about consuming things. Suffix it to say that, iPad runs on a closed platform and reflects a closed vision. All of the software for the iPad is proprietary; it is owned and controlled by Apple; its hardware is also closed. These design decisions by Apple mean that the iPad cannot easily be modified, personalized, or expanded. The iPad cannot be used to create new programs using open-source software by non-Apple software
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