Communication : A Essential Component Of A Healthy Social Lifestyle

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Communication: a necessary component to upholding a healthy social lifestyle. Throughout history, people have made advances in technology to improve our style of social communication. This technology was made for benefitting humankind; however, as time progressed, this advancement has proven to take a negative effect on the population’s social skills. Social interaction has diminished with the continuous usage of today’s thriving technology. Most people in today’s society rely heavily on their technological luxuries and as a result, they lose their social ability. “Without learning how to have social interactions, people may suffer when interviewing for a job, getting and maintaining a healthy relationship, and any other kind of…show more content…
To create a serious relation, partners need to experience a real world interaction to help sustain interest. Today, people in society are excessively comfortable texting rather than speaking in person. This only creates a bigger issue of social decline. Another problem with texting is the ability to convey messages without interaction. Texting allows individuals to hide behind a device to avoid confrontation. Individuals will more likely say things over technology rather than in person, and without hearing proper tone, the confrontation is not as harsh. Good relationships are built on trust, honesty, and mutual respect. To keep this intact, both of the partners need to have good interpersonal communication skills. Relationships are built on understanding and on developing compromises and solutions of mutual benefit (Earlam, Steve). If partners cannot communicate orderly, the relationship cannot withhold itself. This communication barrier has been enhanced in the past few years by texting. With the arising popularity of texting, relationships have declined due to poor communication. Intimate and close relationships are consequential in dealing with conflict, and poor communication skills are the biggest contributor to conflict in relationships. The partners may be able to communicate via internet, but when the time comes to interact in person, they fall flat. The invention of social media has
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