Communication Accommodation Theory And Social Structure

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This essay focuses on the communication accommodation theory along side the concept of discourse and social structure, and the power effects of labels. In intercultural communication, language facilitates understanding and although is an imperative role, at times, it can be a barrier. To assist this understanding, the communication accommodation theory focuses of the view that individuals adjust their verbal communication (p. 56). In intercultural communication, the partner’s ability to understand is done through strategies of convergence or divergence. This signals their attitudes towards each other because people adjust communication behavior based on the perception that an individual has of the conversation partner’s communicative behavior. Intercultural encounters are likely to entail more of an adjustment than communicating with an individual of a similar culture. Repetition of the message and perhaps animated gestures are more common in these interactions to make up for misunderstood verbal communication.

Discourse refers to written or spoken communication. Therefore, when speaking of discourse analysis we can understand it as the study of language. However, discourse analysis goes ‘beyond the sentence’ and is not only concerned with the study of grammar such as semantics, phonetics, syntax and morphology, yet takes into consideration the larger discourse context. This allows for a clearer understanding in how the surrounding historical and social contexts can
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