Communication : Achieving Communication Excellence

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Communication excellence happens when an organization or association uses communication to manage its interactions with its different stakeholders to realize the goals of the organization accomplish mutual understanding and serve the interest of the public. Research has shown that achieving communication excellence helps people and not just organizations acquire their set objectives and goals. The capability to be able to communicate well is a necessary life skill. Fortunately, this skill can be developed over time. Even when one is a good communicator, they always get chances and opportunities to improve their communication skills and achieve communication excellence. According to Moniz (2010) improving ones skills in communication is…show more content…
I have observed that achieving communication excellence is a difficult thing. But, whether speaking informally or formally, communicating during in a meeting or drafting a report requires the basic principles of communication that are required to make communication ideal. When communicating with someone or with an audience, one must know that communication should always serve and suit the reception’s level of comprehension. One should make it known whether they are requesting information, being social or delivering information. In any communication case, one ought to understand that they may face objections and should, therefore, know they arise due to lack of understanding and thus should communicate the advantages of both sides (giving out a complete picture) and support their statements and claims with evidence. Whenever troubled in a communication process, one should ask questions and in turn, give their listener a chance to pose questions as well. Feedback or reply is the most efficient way to determine whether the communication was effective, therefore, one ought to find smart and creative ways to acquire feedback. I have come to understand that in communication there some roles that can be played by a person which all determine the excellence of communication. These roles can be a communicator, a
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