Communication Advice for Newly Engaged Couple, Michael and Cody

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Communication Advice for Newly Engaged Couple, Michael and Cody Carla Smith COM200: Interpersonal Communication January 16, 2012 Communication Advice for Newly Engaged Couple Michael and Cody Dear Michael and Cody, Congratulations on your recent engagement. A marriage is a very special thing shared between two people that truly love each other, and are ready to spend the rest of their lives with that person. I hope you two are ready for a lot of hard work. That may sound scary, but that is what it takes to make a marriage last. If you are not willing to be fully committed to each other, completely dedicated to one another, and ready for the challenges up ahead, then you are not ready to get married. I am…show more content…
These three things are very easy to do, and I must admit I am guilty of all three of these in my own marriage. I am not saying that if one of you does one, or even all three things, that it is automatically time for divorce. These are all things that you must work on together. These three things are the easiest ways to deal with conflicts in a relationship. I want you to be aware of these, and try to stop it before it happens, or at least think twice before you do one of these things. The silent treatment is something many people do when confronted with a difficult situation, instead of dealing with a problem, some people just shut down. “This occurs when one or both parties withdraw or refuse to communicate for a lengthy period of time” (Sole, 2011). Most people fell like this way the problem gets better, or goes away all together, but in reality, tension increases, problems remain unsolved, resentments build, and frustration, anger, and increased distance between the parties often results. (Sole, 2011) This is also a form of control, and your relationship may be seriously damaged. In order to get around this you have to try to find ways to break the silence, and have a meaningful discussion. It is very difficult to be the one in this situation to speak up and say, “I am sorry for arguing, can we talk about this problem, I

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