Communication Among The Health Care Professionals

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REFLECTIVE ESSAY: Clinical placement is vital for internationally qualified nurses to undergo and be able to understand and experience the Australian healthcare system.One of the most important roles inside a care facility such as hospital are the nurses caring for the patient. This past years, nursing care being render has been continually developing new accepted standards through evidence base practice which guide nurses in their practice.Furthermore, nurses are encourage to do a reflection to re-evaluate the experience and learn from it.In relation to my experience on this placement , I have written down predetermined learning goals which I reflect on and guide me in my professional and personal development and the steps I took to…show more content…
I am ashame of myself too because I thought that I am not professional enough to atleast give more informations that I heard during the handover. I felt embarrased and worried if I can still perform my duty as a nurse that even my assessor noticed it because I am thinking that if I can not give a clear , consise and relevant handover to my assessor then how much more with the the staffs working in the facility. These reflections upon my feelings and thinking are consistent with the second stage of Gibb’s (1998) cycle. Clinical handover is defined as the transfer of professional responsibility and accountability for some or all aspects of care for a patient, or group of patients, to another person or professional group on a temporary or permanent basis as mentioned by Australian Medical Association (AMA 2006 p.8) . I also remember that during the theoretical week with the school, clinical handover is also being stressed out as one of my weakness and needs improvement in it. This lead me to choose the handover process as one goal in this placement to reflect on in order to improve myself. With the said definition, I am challenge to do my best to take extra effort to list down strategies that I think it can help me achieve my goal. Having this experience, I realized that I did not adhere with the NMBA registered nurse standards for
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