Communication : An Effective Communication

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Communication is one of the most essential tools in management, however, effective communication is difficult to achieve when you have 150 direct reports. I rely heavily on the charge nurses, however, they have varied abilities in effectively communicating information to the staff. Consequently, there is often a lack of clarity in the communication complete miscommunication to the staff via the charge nurses. Clearly one of the most efficient ways to communicate important information to staff is face-to-face, unfortunately, with as many subordinates as I am responsible for, it is impossible to reach all of them (Marx, 2014). In addition, it can be difficult to determine how much information to communicate without overwhelming staff.
Personally, I struggle with reaching the all of the staff I manage and, in addition to the reliance on charge nurses, I utilize email, which unfortunately is not read by all of the staff. Moreover, email messages can be misconstrued and the message intended completely lost in translation. For example, recently I had to announce a change in the process for our utilization of the Fast Track. I shared the information at the charge nurse meeting, made announcements at shift huddles, posted the changes, and emailed the information, however, there were still staff who stated they didn’t know, hadn’t heard, or didn’t understand the changes. I found this very discouraging as I had tried very hard to assure everyone was informed and

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