Communication And Communication Essay

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There are various types of communication in today’s world where technology is embedded and manifest in all of them without us feeling it as a pervasive and hankering presence. Most used among these are verbal, non-verbal and visual communication. Verbal communication refers to the spoken word. The information is transmitted through a verbal medium like words, speeches, presentations and more. For instance, in educational institutions and professional organizations, individuals communicate verbally with each other through dialogues, lecture, presentations, discussions and even conversation. The clarity of the message conveyed cannot be achieved unless the message is well-spoken and concise, unambiguous and definite. Slowly and gradually technology is pervading and conquering our daily lives. With verbal communication being substituted by technological interface people are being more involved in the virtual and digital world than being present in the real world. According to Emily Drago ( EJSPRING 15) in a study of verbal communication with and without the aid of mobile devices, it was elucidated that the use of technology inherent in these mobile devices affects human relationships during communication. People not using such devices to communicate showed higher levels of empathy and concern and people using such devices showed less of the same quality. Researchers found that conversations in the absence of mobile communication technologies were rated as significantly superior

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