Communication And Communication : The Importance Of Conflict In Relationships

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Marriage is one of the most precious relationships known to humanity and continues to be the foundation of society and families. What is more, marriage is the blending of two very distinct people with their own personalities, desires and ambitions into one, which can create conflict. In fact, every couple faces conflict in marriage; and yet, why do some couples seem to navigate conflict while others eventually break down and fall apart? One study states that, “Millions of individuals experience marital distress, destructive conflict, and divorce every year” (Markman 1). In fact, one study suggests marriages have a 20% chance of ending in the first five years (Worthington, et al 15). However, study after study indicates that communication is a major variable in marital satisfaction (Carroll, et al 531). Sarah Carroll states, “How a couple interacts is a key indicator of the quality and stability of their relationship. Furthermore, the quality of couple communication has been found to be one of the best predictors of relationship satisfaction” (Carroll, et al 531). Yet research shows that only 19% of couples ever seek professional help in becoming better communicators (Worthington, et al 15). Therefore, it is imperative for all couples to understand the importance of communication in their relationship and aim to grow so that their marriage can be healthy and thriving. These skills include constructive communication, emotional support, encoding and decoding, initiator tendency
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