Communication And Gender. Generally Speaking, There Are

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Communication and Gender Generally speaking, there are a lot of differences between men and women and it’s very evident that we have different ways of communicating. It was fun to read about and I could definitely relate to some of the differences explained because I have lived with just my dad and brother most of my life. I also seen many of the differences within my relationship with my boyfriend. The way we talk, respond and perceive things are all so different. There is a lot of information covering different parts of communication and I will be analyzing the ones that stand out to me the most in my paper. Observing some boys and girls at play I encountered a very stereotypical situation. When I was reading in our books it really…show more content…
(Wood 110). They often have a goal of solving a problem or creating strategies (Wood 110). We see this in the type of games they engage for example capture the flag, football, or wrestling. Girls on the other hand play games and use communication to build relationships, make connections, and to show sensitivity and gentleness (Wood 111). Girls like to talk and ask questions that allow you to connect with someone deeper. Wood writes how popular games amongst young girls include school and house and they create relationships through those games (111). Not only are those characteristics for you children but also leads to the development of feminine and masculine communication styles. When observing a group of men interacting I didn’t find them to be looking for a goal within their communications. A few of my guy friends came over to my house. One of them had just bought a street bike and they wanted show my boyfriend. Watching them they were chatting about the bike and other motor vehicles and also giving each other a hard time as usual! I noticed that they don’t load up their conversation with little details. There is a section in our book title. “The Point of the Story” and it explains how men provide minimal details in their stories (119). I noticed this as I observed them talking. Some other things I noticed is that they weren’t standing as close I feel as women would have been. This could just be linked to respect of each others territoriality also
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