Communication And Health And Social Care

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In the start of my essay I am going to apply the relevant theories for communication to health and social care contexts. Theory can be defined as a formal statement of the rules on which a subject of study is based or of ideas that are suggested to explain a fact or event or, more generally, an opinion or explanation. (Cambridge Dictionary, 2014) In health and social care settings effective communication between professionals and patients is essential, as a result, it is imperative to understand theories of how people learn and develop in order to apply this to enhance communication. Theories of learning are 1) Classical conditioning (involuntary behavior) where learning is by association (Pavlov, 1927). 2) Operant conditioning (voluntary behavior) where learning is by positive or negative reinforcement [stimuli-response] (Skinner, 1938). 3) Social learning theory where learning is by imitation of others (Bandura, 1973) 4) Cognitive learning theories where learning is based on the thought processes of the individual (Bruner, 1978); Piaget, 1936). 5) Insight learning (Gestalt theory) where learning is through thinking and problem solving (Kohler, 1947) Communication is important in terms of health and social care setting. The patient and the healthcare professional needs to get the best understanding in order to provide the patient clearly about their care. Nursing is almost impossible if the patient needs are not clearly established. Communication facilitates the patient
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