Communication And Its Effect On The Understanding Of Information And Ideas

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Communication Communication includes both the transfer and the understanding of information and ideas. It serves as five major functions within an organization: management, feedback, emotional sharing, persuasion, and information exchange. Communication can flow vertically or lateral through groups such as small, networks, or informal grapevine. The vertical dimension involves downward and upward direction. This type of communication is for the purpose of giving instructions, explaining policies and procedures, pointing out problems and offering feedback. The horizontal form of communication is lateral. This type is use between members in the same network. The last type of communication is grapevine which is informal and serves as a way to create a sense of closeness of those who share information. There are three ways in which communication is perform such as oral, written, and nonverbal. However, within each of these categories there are different channels of communication. The mode of communication chosen depends on the situation. However, it’s important to note that the form chosen will determine the effectiveness of communication. The highest form of communication is face to face; whereas, the lowest form is written. As a school administrator, it was essential to have both oral and written communication skills. Although I obtain both skills, I preferred written communication as opposed to oral. However, I learned early that the majority of parents would rather have
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