Communication And Loss : An Essential Part Of Nursing

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Communication and loss are key concepts which should be understood by any healthcare professional. Not only this but understanding the contributing factors that can lead to good communication any why loss is difficult to cope with may also lead to a more person centred approach to a patient’s care within the National Healthcare Service. This is something that the Royal College of Nursing describe as an essential part of nursing (RCN, 2013).Although it is important to fully appreciate the concepts above, it is necessary to identify potential factors which also may have an effect on why communication and loss can be difficult. Once this has been approached, it can be something for a student nurse to recognise and apply during placement.…show more content…
Therefore it is important to consider the key concepts to person centred care put forward but the Royal College of Nursing (RCN, 2013) which are power, choice, empathy, compassion autonomy, respect and holism. When these concepts being addresses, person centred care is likely to be promoted which is a requirement of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2010). This then leads to good practice. To add to this, when communication and concepts of loss are also understood and utilised, person centred care should be enhanced and the patient should have a positive experience.

Communication describes the context which combines physical space, cultural and social values with physiological conditions (Verderber 1998). Communication includes language, gestures and symbols to convey intended meaning, exchange ideas and feelings and share significant life experiences (Arnold and Boggs 2011). It appears a vital part of nursing and in fact every profession within healthcare. This is because all healthcare professions must communicate with each other in order to convey information about patients and ensure they get the service they require and deserve which is person centred. This makes communication an essential factor in upholding person centred care at the heart of nursing.

However communication must be strong for it to be of significance. First of all, when looking at verbal communication, the language used must be clear. Blackmore (1989) claimed that
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