Communication And Nonverbal Communication

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Being able to communicate effectively as a transferable skill that many do not appreciate today. Instead it is assumed that communication is being able to speak or write efficiently as well as effectively. This is not true. The word communication gets thrown around on a regular basis to deliver the illusion that it is only sent communication. The fact is communication is not only sending the message, but also receiving the message. Personally, I feel that nonverbal communication is my strongest transferable skills that I didn’t really realize about myself. I believe that my being able to read nonverbal actions and decipher nonverbal communication is the reason I am able to empathize so well with others and be able to understand them …show more content…

Human Resource Professionals role in the workplace is to be the mediator between the employee and the employer. They are the caretaker, fixer, and the person who is responsible for making things right (LaMontagne, 2016). HR is the accountable for making the appropriate “right and wrong” decisions for everyone inside the organization and the organization itself. Many HR Professionals feel that they are obligated to act according to their own judgements and be the conscience for the organization. The professionals in this role need to ensure that their ethical compass is honorable as well as credible in the workplace. If not, then it could cause corruption in the organization.
The best advice that can be given to a new manager would be to treat all employees equally. They also need to provide timely feedback and performance review of employees. It is important to keep the employees in the loop before or after making any business decision. Managers in any organization are required to be clear and straightforward. Many managers forget to focus on making the employee satisfied by creating a positive work environment. When managers do this they create and develop a sense of trust for each of the cultures that they oversee. They also need to focus on motivating employees, building team cohesion and support them. In this way, they stay

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