Communication And Political Behavior : An Organization For Management

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This research imparts an extremely vital aspect in everyday business and personal ventures. The subject covered in this discussion are in regards to communication and political behavior. The author describes the issues of downward communication and organizational politics as it relates to the business sector and personal knowledge. The contents of this analysis derive from the liberty university online library, textbook, audio class presentation, and a scripture with biblical insight and application.



The topic of communication plays is a vital aspect in the business community. The process of delivering a message is a process that describes conveying thoughts to others (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 352). The message delivered varies in mediums to an audience that receives the purpose from the speaker (p. 352). The steps that occur display key aspects during the communication process that are sending, receiving, and feedback (p. 353). Next, this research will examine the process of communication in an organization for management to synergize the corporate vision.

There is a topic that is vital in the business realm as it relates to communication (Muhammad, 2015, p. 13). First, the communication process in an organization will ensure that

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