Communication And Post Operative Units

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Communication: Today I had the pleasure of being in both the pre-operative and post-operative units. Communication within the members of both the teams were very efficient. I noticed the nurses work much more independently and focus more on one on one patient care. However, the nurses in pre-op did communicate a great deal with members of the surgical team. The nurses would call and inform the surgical team when a patient was prepared to enter surgery. Also, the surgical team would contact the pre-op nurses regularly to give them an update on how procedures were going in the OR. For example, if a surgeon was ahead of schedule they would contact the pre-op nurses to inform them that they could begin preparing the next patient ahead of time. Or vice versa, in cases that the surgeon was behind schedule. On the other hand, in post-op the nurse was also very independent. She would wait for a phone call from the PACU nurse, to receive a quick SBAR report of the patient just a few minutes before the patient was transferred. Via the telephone, the PACU nurse would inform the post-op nurse of current vitals, along with the types of anesthetics the patient received and outcomes of the procedure. Mainly, the nurses communicated with the patient and their family. Along with performing full body assessments, the pre-op nurses spent most of their time asking patients detailed questions regarding their health history, current health status, and use of medications. In addition, the pre-op…
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