Communication And Team Working, Evaluate Conflict And Conflict Management

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Reflection empowers nurses to become aware of their own knowledge and actions, to think, evaluate and learn from the experience (Bulman 2013). This reflection will critically analyse an action learning set (ALS) I participated in. I will reflect on communication and team working, evaluate conflict and conflict management. I will also discuss why change is necessary and the need to improve my self-awareness. To help analyse this reflection, I will use the Gibbs model of reflection. Personal action plan, copies of ALS meeting summaries, final presentation and feedback summaries will be included in the appendices. Confidentiality and anonymity will be maintained as required by the Nurses and Midwifes Council (NMC 2013).

Marquardt (1999) describe ALS as a group of people who meet regularly to help each other and to learn from each other’s experiences. This involves stopping to reflect on actions taken, reflecting, learning and planning. However, Gibbs developed a model of reflection, which is recognised and used in many fields. The model consists of five stages, description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and the action plan (Oxford Brookes University 2013). We formed a group comprising of eight members. According to Tuckman (1965) forming a group takes several stages; forming storming, norming, performing and adjourning.

At the ALS meetings, group members introduced themselves to get to know each other. Each member narrated an experience that they thought was
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