Communication And Technology : Unites The Classrooms

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Communication and Technology: Unites the Classrooms Today 's classroom consists of many technologies advances that I wished I had in my elementary years, which only adds to the students learning. When entering into a classroom one of the things that stand out is the huge electronic white board and all the technology it incorporates. Also, the student’s personal laptops, online usernames, and passwords provide studies beyond the classroom. In the education system students are communicating with technology and is becoming the daily routine in classrooms, which it doesn’t separate them in their education, but creates a bond that can only lead to successful learning outcomes. Even though, this era’s technology can disunite the mainstream classroom, the mainstream classrooms and technology advances go together because successful learning was cultivated by technology, which is becoming a new communication tool in the classrooms. Technology can divide the contemporary classroom. For example, Berger (2009) claimed, “In 1995, only half of all U.S, public schools had The Internet capacity; now just about all of them do” (p. 458). In a short amount of time Internet became part of our school’s learning lesson plans and students welcomed it. For example, students prefer to search on a computer for their writing papers topics than to use books and the education system accommodated these preferences by creating online books, articles, and journals databases. As a result, this
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