Communication And The Healthcare Industry

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Communication plays a critical role in the healthcare industry. It is a critical part of nurse, as you will be providing viable information to the different individuals. As a nurse one reason that communication is critical is during handoff. “A standardized handoff communication tool is recognized as a Joint Commission patient safety goal to reduce communication errors and improve patient safety” (Taylor, 2015). In recent years, healthcare facility has change the shift report from a report outside the room to a bedside report. A bedside report been established to reduce medical errors, and improve patient safety. Bedside report also incorporates the patient involvement in their own care. Engaging patient in their health care, can lead to…show more content…
The charge nurse would be a critical component too, as she would be evaluating effectiveness of the changes. Finally, another critical component to be involved would be the patient. With the patient output the difference in patient would be seen dramatically.
One way for these criteria to be met its by following up the nurses. Charge nurse should evaluate by making random checks, multiple times during her shift. Also by giving out questionnaires to the patient if they were involved in their health care. By also following up if the goal for the shift was met and how involved was the patient. How much has medical errors decrease. By evaluating all the above and viewing a positive outcome, it would indicate that the change is successful. At the end, with the bedside report patient safety with increase. Patient satisfaction would also increase, and well as long term results. A successful change would be seen when the patient satisfaction has increase within the hospital. At the same time, call lights would be reduce since patient had been incorporate in the plan of care and knows whats going on. Nurse would be leaving at their schedule time. Report would be given on a timely manner, and still have questions for the upcoming nurse.
As with every change, oppositions are expected. This process would not be easy, make nurse would oppose to it, because they are used to what they
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