Communication And The Value Of Internal Communication In Schools

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Increasing in Quality of internal communication between the teachers, parents, administrators will place great value on excellent internal communication in the school system. Recognizing and rewarding teachers who implement new ideas within the classroom is the norm and taking the time to acknowledge their effort when they solve the problem. The Vroom’s theory has a great connection, it an expectancy theory of choice Valence that refers to an emotional orientation which individuals maintains with respect to outcomes such as a reward. The Expectancy refers to employees’ different expectations and levels of confidence in regards to what they can do and cannot. Another focus is on Instrumentality which refers to the perception of workers whether they will receive what they desire, even if it has been promised by leaders. Building relationship with teachers, parents, and administrators clearly, building strong, meaningful relationship with teachers is important to positively influence school climate. Teachers satisfaction goes a long way to contributing to positives school climate. What every school should know about promoting positive organizational climate and culture; building relationships with student find ways to involve students in meaningful ways, encourages them to take pride in their school. Building relationships with teachers a positive learning culture cannot be nurtured without teacher involvement, nor there be a positive climate without satisfied teachers.
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