Communication As A Human Race

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At the beginning of my communications class I typed the word communication into google and it came up with this definition “The imparting or exchanging of information or news.” When I first read that I thought to myself, “That definition is kind of vague.” Throughout the weeks that I have spent sitting in class, I have come to better understand why that definition is the way it is. There are so many parts to communication that I would have never thought about before. There are so many different aspects to it. There are numerous mediums to express a message through whether it be through the language of one 's body, the mouth, a phone, or pen and paper. Not only that but there are numerous aspects to the quality of our communication as…show more content…
These instruments fell under the categories of Listening, Perception of self and Communication, and Nonverbal communication. How listening affects our communication was really interesting to me. It was also interesting for me to see how I use listening in my own life. There were so many different things that we learned about in our listening section, but one thing that stuck out to me was hearing vs. listening. Hearing is defined as “ The act of perceiving sound by the ear.” On the other hand listening is a more conscious. Throughout our day we are constantly hearing things. We hear lots of different things such as the chirp of birds, electrical humming in our school building, the chatter of people everywhere. How often to we actually listen to these things though? We go throughout our whole day with all these different noises and we hear them, but we don’t consciously listen to them. The same thing happens in communication. A person can be talking to me but unless I am engaging my brain into the conversation I won’t be listening, regardless of whether I hear them. My father gets very focused into whatever he is doing, and so sometimes my mom will tell him something and a week later it’ll be brought up again and he won’t remember hearing about the event she told him about. My dad heard what she was saying, but because his brain is engaged with the thing that he is doing, and not with the message my mom is
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