Communication As A Important Tool

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Communication is a very crucial element in the society and should be treated with the weight it deserves. Everybody should be able to pass his or her information clearly, accurately and also appropriately so as to avoid cases of misunderstanding or ambiguity. Increasing grammatical accuracy can only enhance fluency in communication. Of all the different skills, it is arguably correct that speaking ability is one of the hardest ones and we should hence come up with ways of sharpening this skill. Many people have come up various suggestions on how one can increase grammatical accuracy. For the individuals who have been learning languages may it be English or not, it is important for them to learn this while in a wealthy environment so that they may learn how to express themselves. Corrective feedbacks are seen as very appropriate when it comes to the improving of the grammatical accuracy in the spoken language. In the past, many people did not consider this as an important tool since they had the assumption that the role played by these corrective feedback in the development of interlanguage systems of the language learners was negligible and this was not the case. It has been tough to have proficiency in speaking, due to this, a study has been done which has sought to come up with the mechanism which helps in increasing one 's quality of speaking skills.
From the article in context, corrective feedback is seen as one strategy through which one’s grammar can be improved. In
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