Communication As A Leading Cause For Success Or Failure

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Leadership Communication Case Study Analysis
Communication is often seen as one of the founding building blocks in leadership. This paper will explore what communication strategies are associated with effective leadership and some barriers to effective communication that a leader should overcome. Working in a management position for over 20 years I have learned that the effectiveness of communication is a leading cause for success or failure. How and what communication styles work sometimes takes a trial by error, understanding your audience, getting feedback from former managers or seeing examples from outside your business that worked in other fields. There is no perfect way to ensure that your audience hears, retains and understands your message, but this paper will try and provide the tools to assist in effect communication.
Communication Role in Leadership
All levels in any organization must have strong communication lines. Effective communication must go all three ways, up, down and horizontal. If any avenue is missing the whole communication structure becomes less effective and could cause serious damage to expected outcome of a business. Teaching of communication in leadership has become so important that even in text books, they are referencing communication in the primary chapters. In the text book Leadership, Michael Hackman and Craig Johnson (2013) state that “From our perspective, leadership is first, and foremost, a communication-based activity” (pg.…
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