Communication, Assessment, Managing Risk, And Managing Uncertainty

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Using two Chapelhow et al. (2005) perspectives, discuss the care given to one person in practice. Chapelhow et al. (2005) have created a framework to enable a person-centred approach to be taken in all care situations. It outlines six key areas which are fundamental to excellent care delivery. These are: communication, assessment, managing risk, documentation, professional decision making and managing uncertainty. In this assignment I will be exploring the issues around communication and assessment in relation to the care given to the patient. I will look at how care was delivered and how successful it was. The NMC (2008) states that healthcare professionals must respect a person’s right to confidentiality; to ensure this I will be using pseudonyms for the service users mentioned in this assignment. I will be referring to the patient as ‘John’ and his wife as ‘Brenda’. I have gained consent from Brenda to talk about her husband’s situation in this assignment, as he did not have capacity to grant consent himself due to dementia. John is 76 years old and lives at home with his wife Brenda who is 78 years old. He suffers from dementia which had a significant impact on communication and assessment. I was involved in John’s care during my time on a urology ward. John came to the ward due to urinary retention and was there for a period of 2 weeks. He needed to be prompted and guided on personal care, toileting and nutrition. It was also important to promote John’s independence,
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