Communication At A Business Environment Essay

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Communication in a Business Environment Business Skills Apprenticeship Frameworks Assignment Candidate Name:______Daniel Cole______ Assessor Name: ______________________ Date of hand out:_____________________ Date for submission:__________________ Introduction Communication skills are an important part of any business and administration role. They underpin all interactions with internal and external audiences and, run through all the units in the overall qualification as a thread. Competency In this unit you will develop the knowledge and skills of communication needed in a business environment. You will explore different methods of how to communicate with others, including verbal and non-verbal communication and effective written business communication. You will look at how to use spoken language appropriately, tone of voice, and the body language used in verbal discussions and when responding to others. You will consider the language, content, structure and accuracy of information in written communications relevant to your role and workplace. Communication in a Business Environment To achieve this unit, you will need to complete the sections within the assignment workbook. There is no word count for this; however you are expected to fully provide detail responses that provide sufficient evidence that would demonstrate your depth and breadth of knowledge within all areas. Where possible you should ensure that you relate your knowledge
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