Communication At A Good Foundation

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Communication in Groups
The number one way to build a good foundation between each individual in the group would be in the way one speaks to each other. Using good communication can make a difference in how one is perceived in a group. Whether in a working environment or a school setting, communication is a must. To aid communication there are some communication styles, which we learned in class, that can help improve the communication in groups. The communication styles that a person would use in any group are verbal, non-verbal, and written communication.

When using verbal communication an individual has to be aware in how one is speaking to a member of the team. Being able to talk to another individual presents the opportunity for instant feedback, which can lead to better communication. Using an inappropriate tone of voice or verbally commutating incorrectly can create confusion and misunderstanding, however, this is where that instant feedback can aid the communication. If the individual did not mean to attack or put down the other person, the receiver can give that feedback to the person giving the message and instantaneously correct the problem. On the other hand, non-verbal communication can be challenging to dissimulate because of the personal appearances that one is unaware. Physical expressions, facial expression, and eye movements can say a lot even if the person does no say a word. The latter type of communication are called non-verbal communication, and can
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