Communication At A Hospice Home Health Organization

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. Effective communication is achieved when the transference of information is shared, understood, and put into action by another individual (Coley, 2015). The verbal communication is simply messages imparted when expressed as words. Collaboration is much desired and needed in order to improve patient care and health outcomes. The paper proposes strategies to improve communication, prevent misunderstandings and discontentment among the healthcare team, and promote better patient care. The transference of pertinent information among the interdisciplinary group within any organization requires skills in order for the information to be transferred effectively. The problem is lack of communication among the interdisciplinary team and…show more content…
According to the article, “Communication and the support worker”, the emphasis is placed on the importance of good communication and the role it plays in strengthening relationships among the healthcare team and support workers. It details how effective communication enables support workers to provide quality care which improves patient outcomes. Communication consists of both verbal and non-verbal elements. Communication is the process of sending and receiving information between two or more individuals to achieve a particular outcome or action. This article discusses the use of non-verbal communication elements such as mannerism, eye contact, facial expressions, posture and movements of the body. The discussion includes two model of communication that aids the healthcare professional to communicate more effectively non-verbally. One model is the “SOLER” which is the acronym for: face the patient squarely, adopt on open posture, lean towards the patient, maintain good eye contact, and relax with interaction with the patients. The other model is described as “SURETY” which the acronym for sit at an angle to the client, uncross arms and legs, relax, maintain good eye contact, touch, and use one’s intuition. The promotion of good communication is encouraged by acting in a friendly manner, being open, and professional. Communication also includes active listening which
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