Communication At The Core Of Nursing Practice

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Communication is about interacting with people and therefore is at the core of nursing practice. For nursing care to be safe and therapeutic for the patient, the communication skills used by nurses need to be effective, positive and patient-centered. This requires a continuing awareness by nurses of their contribution to patient safety through interactions that they have not just with patients but also with relatives, friends, other healthcare professionals (McCabe & Timmins, 2013). With this in mind, this essay will briefly overview communication and highlight its contribution to patient safety. Then, in Part A, the examination of 2 communication strategies used by nurses, the SBAR tool and bedside handover, will be explored and their use in enhancing patient safety discussed. Finally, in Part B, following on from the discussion of the SBAR technique and bedside handover, 2 support mechanisms will be considered that could assist staff to adapt to the implementation of these communication tools and techniques within their own practice and work environment.

Communication can be defined as a process during which information is shared through the exchange of verbal and nonverbal messages (Brooks & Heath, 1985), whereby people create a relationship by interacting with each other (Groogan, 1999). When examining communication within a patient safety and nursing context, its significance becomes evident not only in the nurse-patient relationship, but also the…
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