Essay on Communication Barrier between Science and the Community

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The world is a large place filled with many diverse cultures. Within these different cultures, unique languages and ways of healing have risen. Due to overpopulation and the constant need for new technology, these cultures have come together to create a better way of life. The problem we face today is not finding the sources of medication, but the communication barrier between science and the community.

Community Health Worker Programmes During the late Apartheid era in South Africa:
Apartheid was a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race (Oxford University Press Southern Africa, 2007). During the 19 hundreds, this unethical law was taking place in South Africa which led to the lack of human rights for people
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Ginneken et al. (2010:1115) explains that CHWs were located in health clinics full-time and were no longer flexible community-based workers. Their responsibility to the community changed for the worse. Many CHWs started resenting unpaid requests from fellow villagers. “The government now has this huge thing, they’ve got this small business programme, the pay roll. And the village health workers, if the pay doesn’t come out, they ‘toy toy’, they don’t go to work” (Ginneken et al. 2010:1115). Introducing this stipend caused CHWs to reject volunteer work.
A CHW Framework has been established by South Africa to guide the development of a national CHW programme. This Framework has failed to recognize diversity, needs and flexibility, and this has cause to say the aim is invalid. The current potential professionalisation of CHWs makes the ideal ‘bridging gap’ between the community and the health system more distant. Once the diversity, needs of people, and the flexibility within the CHW programme’s are recognised, the gap between the community and the health system will be inexistent (Ginneken et al. 2010:1116).
Preoperative Education for Lumbar Radiculopathy:
Preoperative education prepares patients for surgery and many spine surgeons believe it is an important procedure to include. The delivery methods, content of preoperative education, types of educational aids, and patients all vary. This shows there
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