Communication Barriers At The Cable Company

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The biggest problem in the Cable Company is that there are several communication barriers at various level of management. It is very important to overcome those barriers in order to increase the efficiency of the company, and to have a smooth communication flow. We as the Cohesion consultants are dedicated to our clients, and we facilitate them by solving communication problems in different levels of management. In order to increase the efficiency of your company, we have identified several communication issues which are followed by solution, reason and implementation plan. If you implement those solutions, we promise that it will resolve the communication problems in your company, and it will definitely help your company prosper. Problem 1(Traditional Model): Gordon tried to propose and implement the safety plan for the cable company. Despite the fact that he has great knowledge and experience about the safety issues, he is constantly denied by the management. This is mainly due to the traditional communication model that the company is using. They are using downward communication in which most of the managers are just sending their message downward, and they are not taking any suggestions or recommendations from the employees. You can take an example of your Vice President of engineering, Gil, he always passes his orders to the staff, but he’s never willing to take any suggestion from them. As a result, employees’ ideas are being ignored and are not communicated across
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