Communication Barriers in Supply Chain Management

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I actually do agree with my classmate; the dissemination and exchange of knowledge is vital to communication, particularly in a field such as supply chain management which requires the exchange of resources between various entities. One of the chief ways to excel in supply chain management is to conceive, and treat accordingly, various entities which one relies on for supply chain purposes as partners. The following quotation from Home Depot's corporate office emphasizes the value in this particular approach to guiding the relationships and sharing of information between organizations. "We listen and respond to the needs of customers, associates, communities and vendors, treating them as partners" (Home Depot, 2006). If individuals consider these separate organizations not as customers, but as companies that have a vested interest in that of their own companies, some of the conventional barriers pertaining to communication such as the need to safeguard and preserve proprietorial information, or to withhold knowledge so that it can be used to one's advantage can eschewed. The result is that by treating relationships with various companies with a degree of parity, the communication process is inherently improved. Both parties are now sharing a mutual aim which helps each of them, and will need to communicate with one another accordingly. It is also interesting to note what some of the specific barriers to communication are in a supply chain management environment. One of the
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