Communication Barriers in the Workplace

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Communication barriers in the workplace Communication is the conveyance and flow of ideas from one person to another. The exchange of information takes place through letters, words, symbols and nonverbal behaviors. It involves the transmission of ideas from the sender to the receiver. Communication is effective only if the receiver fully understands the transmitted information. Many problems and failures occur in organizations due to poor communication. Objective and goals fail due to misunderstandings in the organization. Effective communication provides a chain of understanding to all participants in the organizational framework. It promotes the flow of information both vertically and horizontally. Barriers to communication refer to obstacles that ideas and messages face before reaching the receiver. Language barriers occur when the receiver does not fully understand information conveyed by the sender. This occurs in the work place when orders and instruction pass to employees and employees fail to understand what the actual message and how they should respond. Dubrin argues, "Insiders but not outsiders understand technical or professional/jargon language" (443). Language barrier can occur in all levels of the organization not necessarily between the top and bottom. Emotional barriers occur if the message is not appealing to the receiver; it may arouse emotion and feelings that may lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Proper interpretation of the message
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