Communication Before and After the Emergence of Social Networks

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What would the world be without Social Networks? Imagine a day without signing in to the most popular social network in the world, Facebook, with no updates from friends, nothing to “like”, no groups of common interests, no birthday reminders, no games to enjoy, nothing. Imagine a day without the Twitter, a social network known for its 140-character announcements. Tweets, retweet, following, hash tags, and trending topics would be non-existent terms. There wouldn’t be instant updates from friends or anything to ask you “What’s happening?” Imagine the world today without YouTube. There wouldn’t be a website filled with videos to upload or to watch for information, entertainment or education. Famous performers today who were…show more content…
The online world emerged (Oliva 12). The online world emerged with early social networks such as Compulink Information eXchange, also known as Cix, was a network for people of common interests who would share information and chat in conferences and America Online, also known as AOL, was another network where news content was placed and had features similar to Cix (Clapperton xxii-xxiii). But before Social Networks, the way the world communicated was different. The print revolution started in the East. From the eighth century, if not before, printing had been practiced in China. The method most commonly used was called “block printing” which made use of a carved block made of wood to print a page of certain text. In the west, a man named Johann Gutenberg invented a printing press in 1450 that would print with metal type. Printing spread throughout Europe, producing books and newspapers (Briggs and Burke 13-14). In the sixteenth century, the postal system was developed in Europe to transmit messages more easily. It was used especially to spread important news faster. This communication over land required horses and special couriers carrying messages took days or months to be transmitted. Communication over sea usually took months or years. Ships would carry thousands of letters, books, and newspapers.

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