Communication Between African American Mothers and Their Daughters

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African American Mothers and Their Daughters Introduction A girl's communication and relationship with her mother are influential to her development and well-being. Communication between mother and daughter entails sending, receiving and comprehending each other intended message. According to Belgrave (2009), majority of girls report positive relationships with their mothers. Most girls learn from their mothers. This is because mothers teach and socialize with their daughters regarding any facet of her life, including behaving like a female, being a mother, caring for others. More importantly, mothers teach their daughters about sexuality and health (Tamis-Lemonda, Briggs, McClowry, & Snow, 2009). Mothers also teach their daughters how to make a decent living as well as how to achieve career and economic success. Additionally, mothers teach their daughters how to be nurturing and independent. Belgrave (2009) asserts that historically, African American mothers were the breadwinners and assumed the responsibility of caring for their families given the restrained prospects for African American males. As a result, girls observed the dual identity of their mothers and other prominent women in the society and internalized these identities (Lee & Ashcraft, 2005). Despite so many challenges and stressors during parenting, African American mothers play a significant role in development of perceived self-identity and goal oriented behaviors among their adolescent daughters.
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