Communication Between Baby Boomers And Millennials

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Communication Between Baby Boomers And Millennials Different generational groups communicate differently manly based upon the cultural shared practices that are most salient during their birth cohort, according Vann Morrison, with MLT Creative (Morrison). Since generational gaps have different communication styles the result is miscommunication and misunderstanding. The different generations, according to Michael S. Seaver, a career business coach, are Traditionalists that are born from 1922-1945, Baby Boomers that are born from 1946-1964, there is also Generation X born in 1965-1980, and Millennials (AKA) Generation Y born from 1981-2000 (Seaver). Although Baby Boomers and Millennials share many similarities they differ in important…show more content…
in order to impress the boss; rather, they will leave the office so they can pursue their personal interests. In the work place Millennials prefer digital interaction to face-to-face engagement. Why waste time on the telephone or with a meeting when you can just as easily text, email or Skype? These differences in communication styles often lead to miscommunication (Pacific Coast Times). According to Helen, who posted a blog on Colorado Free University most Baby Boomers get involved with Facebook and other social media sites to stay connected with their friends and family, as well as to reconnect with folks they haven’t seen in some time. Since members of this age group highly value community involvement, it is not surprising that they often use social media to promote causes they advocate for. All this said, Baby Boomers can get very frustrated in their use of social media. Since they sometimes use social media intermittently, they can have a difficult time keeping up with all the changes in various social media sites, especially Facebook which seems to make the most changes. Baby Boomers are not always familiar with the how to use the settings of different sites, and they can find themselves getting inundated with unwanted emails. Most are very concerned about their privacy on social media yet are not fully aware of how to effectively use the privacy settings found on the sites they frequent. Some get overwhelmed with the
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