Communication Between China And The United States

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Communication between China and the United States has played a momentous role in the development of both nations for centuries. In class, we’ve learned how nationality, politics, economics and international relations have all come into play when discussing communication between the two powers. However, throughout history we’ve seen how it has been an uphill battle for China to maintain a healthy and productive relationship with the United States, and vice-versa. A number of historical events have been accounted for producing numerous generalizations, creating stereotypes and popular opinions. Ultimately, China and the United States have dealt with a great amount of mistrust and misunderstanding that has been very formative to the nations as we know them today.
One of the largest communicational issues between China and the United States is due to the severe lack of transparency, creating enormous trust issues which has fueled national differences. A few of the ways that lack of trust has proven to be detrimental to China and U.S. affairs is analyzed in Kenneth Lieberthal and Wang Jishi’s, Addressing U.S.-China Strategic Distrust. It states, “China views the U.S. as taking advantage of the dollar as the reserve currency and adoption various projectionist measure to disadvantage the People’s Republic of China (PRC) economically”. Additionally, the United States disapproves of China’s mercantilist policies because they fear it will cause their efforts in economic recovery

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