Communication Between Men And Women

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“If women ruled the world, there would be no wars. Instead, there would be a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other.” This quote is a perfect example of how communication between men and women vary. Communication has been and will continue to be the most essential aspect of human existence, which happens to differ greatly between men and women. Being aware of the differences between men and women in communication is significant in day-to-day interactions. Normally, conversation is a two way street between two individuals. There is ingoing and outgoing information, that is, one individual is listening and the other is communicating information. In general, men and women have very distinctive attributes but the fact that communication is such an important factor in our daily lives makes the art of communication such a dire process to understand. Imagine a world where communication between men and women were technically the same. The world would be much different. One significant difference between the communication of men and women is the need for men to solve problems while women would rather communicate in order to simply converse. But what is the basis behind each individual’s way of communication? The truth is that women usually want to share their feelings and build relationships, while studies show that men communicate to affirm their authority in society or to solve problems. Women also try to solve problems but they do it differently. Men listen to the
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