Communication Between Nurses And Physicians

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Improve communication between nurses and physicians

Yoomi, Kwon

NUR 723

Prof. Rush
May, 14, 2015

Lehman College

Introduction Communication between both nurses and physicians is vital in order to provide the safest and most effective care for patients. The risk for error decreases significantly when physicians are able to devise a plan of care along with their patients and nurses, so that all of the members of the interdisciplinary team are in accordance with one another (Casanova et al., 2007). The effective communication in hospital settings amongst all medical staff has shown that not only has the efficiency between physicians and nurses improved, but overall, job satisfaction amongst such medical care providers has improved, further leading to more successful patient outcomes, and less medical errors (Manojlovich & Antonakos, 2008). Currently, I work in the cardiovascular care unit within the acute care setting of Englewood Hospital, a leading medical center for open heart surgery. In my experience, I observed firsthand how a lack of communication amongst nurses and physicians can have a debilitating effect on the productivity and efficiency caring for patients. This lack of communication really delays effective medical treatments and the discharge process of patients. Typically the process of developing plan of care entails a systematic routine that most hospitals follow where once a doctor finishes assessing a patient,…
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