Communication Between Patient And Physician

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In the past, there was a lack of communication between the patient and physician. The importance of the patient-physician communication was at a low due to a lack of patient-physician relationship. Now, there is a better understanding as to taking certain steps to patient-physician satisfaction. It is extremely important and effective to require communication between patient and the physician. The patient and physician need to develop a partnership. The patient needs to be fully educated about his or her condition and the different performances to address the problem. This process will give the patient an active role in the decision-making process. A patient must feel at all times that they are treated with respect. Learning communication skills allows the physician to build trust, promote healing and ultimately improve outcomes. The patient-physician interactions are influenced by both parties. If the physician has unfair expectations of the patient, or the interaction is affected by bias or unfair judgment, then an effective relationship will never develop. Also, if the patient’s expectations of the physician are not met, the patient will not acquire enough respect or trust for the physician to accept his/her suggestions. Physicians expectations of their patients should be fair, unbiased and without judgment. Common expectations patients have for their physicians are:
• Clinical competence
• Professional
• Respectful
• Polite
• Sincere
• Interested
• Effective…
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