Communication Between Pharmacy And Doctor

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Discussion Question 3 A) Time Wasted due to miss communication between pharmacy and doctor 1. To shorten wait time pharmacies could make the forms from the doctors to fill out. If the hospitals bought the forms from the pharmacy then all the information a pharmacy need should be there. 2. Pharmacies could send a representative to work at some of the larger hospitals. This would allow someone to go in person and quickly communicate what information is needed. 3. With the way technology is today pharmacies and doctors could partner to build an app so that prescriptions could be sent instantly to pharmacy and if a problem arouse the app could be used to communicate. 4. In larger doctors’ offices or hospital room could be sent a side for the most commonly used drugs which would allow for easy access to the doctor if both doctors and pharmacies are closely located. 5. Pharmacies could reward doctors’ offices with benefits for first time answered phone call. This would give incentives to get to all the calls. 6. Pharmacies could provide pagers to doctor’s office so doctors know when calls are coming in. 7. The pharmacy should have a person whose only job is to answer the phone call being returned about misunderstandings. 8. Doctor offices and local pharmacy should meet together and find way that best fit both party’s needs. 9. Pharmacies could employee doctors to interpret what it was the other doctor was trying to get across. 10. If 20% of time is playing phone tag there
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