Communication Between Physicians And Patients

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Communication between a physician and patient is a popular subject matter in the Healthcare industry. A good, healthy relationship between physicians and patients is extremely important and extremely necessary. According to a consensus statement on physician and patient communication, “effective communication between doctor and patient is a central clinical function that cannot be delegated.” There is no evidence that communicating well with patients will make an enormous difference on any healthcare outcome. The purpose of this consensus is to evaluate the effects of various styles of communication on patient health and to identify the characteristics of excellent communication. The studies reviewed were conducted in a variety of clinical settings, and their findings are of relevance to physicians in all area of practice. For years it was commonly thought that physician-patient communication was generally adequate and was not a cause for concern. More recently, however, evidence has mounted to the contrary. Numerous complaints stemming from breakdowns in physician-patient communication have been made to licensing bodies, and headlines declaring an “urgent need for MDs to relate better to patients” and criticizing the “cold, hard” manner of physicians have appeared in the medical and popular press. Some of these problems can arise during history taking or during discussion of how the patient’s problem should be managed. Some may be related to a lack of communication
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