Communication Between Students And Foreign Language

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Knowing and having the capability of using a foreign language has become more widespread throughout the professional and nonprofessional population. In order to gain knowledge of another language, there must be a group of people willing to share their wisdom with others in a way that can be understood. The most common example of these kinds of groups are teachers, and the foreign language teachers at Columbus North High School are one of many. They are formed in their own discourse community within the high school. According to John Swales, a discourse community must have six characteristics; the teachers must all share the same goal, have created their own lexis, communicate with one another, have a hierarchy, utilize a genre to help in communication, and have relevant knowledge of the subject (Swales 220-222). One of the ways that this discourse community is successful in teaching a foreign language is through their communication, not only between the teachers themselves but with the students as well. The purpose of this research is to better understand the communication between the student and teacher relationship in a foreign language classroom and discover an easier and more effective way for both teacher and student to communicate. A way to do this is by using the Universal Design of Learning (UDL), a guideline designed for teachers so that all students can learn in the way that best suits their learning style ( These guidelines were…
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