Communication Between Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

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“ I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure that you realize that what you heard is not what I meant -Unknown.” Communication is very important in today 's society. From texting, emails, talking on the phone, or even talking in person. If you are communicating in a nonverbal way it is important to get your point across exactly how you mean it because someone can read it differently. Talking in person can be easier because you can hear their tone of voice and see their facial expressions, so that can help you determine how they are trying to get the message across. In our speech 191 class we have done many activities learning about verbal and nonverbal communication. “The word communicate comes from…show more content…
The first one is occasion, meaning why everyone is brought together. The second social content means people can speak their own opinion and not be judged for what they think. The third one is physical setting, meaning where the conversation is being held, what the surrounding area is like. The final element of the communication model is noise. Noise can interupted by someone messing with their books, the heaters starting back up, or even someone 's sneeze. Some of the noises cannot be avoided and this is when you have to know how to go around that. After learning about the communication model we did a group activity to help us better understand each element.We had to answer questions about who was the speaker, the listener, and what message we were giving. My group had to tell our boss we needed the weekend off because our father was coming home the weekend we had to work. We distinguished that the speaker was the one getting off, and the listener was our boss. It was a big deal to see our dad because he lives in California, and we hadn 't seen him in two years. We first had the come up with how we were going to approach our boss about getting the weekend off. In our group we discussed that we were going to talk to our boss two weeks in advance and off the clock. This way they can have enough time to find coverage for the days needed off. This was a great activity to show how the communication model works. Nonverbal communication is
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