Communication Channel Scenarios

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Communication Channel Scenarios Communication Channel Scenarios Scenario One As Marketing Manager conveying pertinent information to my team is essential in order for us as a whole to be successful. Therefore, I would use a formal channel of communication. This would be the best channel to use considering that “formal channels of communication are established by the organization and transmit messages related to professional activities of members” (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Productively executing this assignment for the overall victory of the company is this goal because that is what will generate revenue. The first step would be to meet personally as a group in order to discuss the expectations that are at hand. Microsoft Outlook is a…show more content…
Once IT issues a new username and/or password, I would e-mail this information to the entire team. E-mail is fast and can be read at any given time. It allows one message to be sent to several people at one time. This method of communication would alleviate making several attempts to get hold of someone that is currently unavailable or out of the building. Oral communication to contact the IT department is best. In this case, a phone call will be the quickest way to reach the IT department because they are not on site. Any other form of communication will take too long. An e-mail can be sent to the team to inform them that the login information is no longer valid and provide them with the new login information. An e-mail is effective in this situation because the employees will be able to save the e-mail containing the new login name and password and refer back to it as needed. Scenario Three Unfortunately, the economy is not in the greatest condition and there is a lot of debt owed and businesses closing. As the owner of a small company and having to make decisions that and will affect me, my family and business let alone my hardworking, dedicated employees that have helped begin and build my business, downsizing is a very, very sensitive topic. In making a decision to do so, I would hold a meeting with all to inform them of what would be soon to take place. Once
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