Communication Climate

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The way a person can express tone of connection to another person through messages that can be seen or heard, which are non-verbal and verbal respectively is what called communication climate. It entails how individuals think about one another in their day to day life and therefore a climate is not associated to a given situation in the way people may feel about one another thus making it possible in a relationship to have communication climate altered with at any time. It is obvious that relationships between individual differ depending on their culture or any other factor. If I take an example of Japanese cannot tell anybody about how they feel unless you are very close to them is different from those who come from western countries because they are free to expose what they have in mind regardless of their relationship to the other person (Seki, Matsumoto, & Imahori, 2002). Confirming others is not an easy task especial when you do not agree with them because the first thing that always comes to our mined is the negative view of them. Like for example there is a day I…show more content…
This can be achieved by talking to people and through introducing yourself to others is application of recognition. Another point of confirmation acknowledgement which is accepting the truth about what others are talking about, feel or even their thoughts. When you are listening to another person it is always good to respond to what they are saying either through verbal or non-verbal communication such as paraphrasing their sentences and answering them or even nodding by use of your head and they will feel appreciated. For example young people will feel free to talk about issues that they affect them if only they can see a sign of response to what they are saying of feeling. (Rene Dailey,
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