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Collaboration How can an organization become so great providing a product or service that is well received by so many people, well according to (Wright, 2013) “Southwest Vice President, says collaboration is the key to success…the most effective communication is when the front line employee looks up and sees the manager of the company standing shoulder to shoulder with the union representative agreeing that this is something we ought to do”. For SWA, it is all about the 3Cs-Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment. This giant knows that the success of the company rests on the people who keeps the wheel turning and these individuals could not do what they do without the 3Cs, especially in the area of communication; without communication there can be no collaboration. Hence, SWA live by the 3Cs and incorporates it into their day to day operations, from the corporate level down to the men and women working at the ticket counter. One can see the 3Cs in action, whether surfing SWA website, speaking to one of team members over the phone, at the ticket counter or being is a passenger on an aircraft; you feel the commitment regardless of the touch point. SWA strives on partnering with its employees, stakeholders, stockholders, and shareholders to develop and implement cutting edge strategies to be the best in the industry. Employees are empowered to be a part of the strategic planning process for the organization; for example, the pilot group provided suggestions to
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