Communication Competence Analysis

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Part I: Communication Competence Analysis Place a checkmark next to those skills that you feel you need to work on. 1. I’m sensitive to contexts of communication. I recognize that changes in physical, cultural, social– psychological and temporal contexts will alter meaning. 2. I assess my channel options and evaluate whether my message will be more effective if delivered face-to-face, through e-mail, or by some third party, for example. 3. I look for meaning not only in words but also in nonverbal behaviors. 4. I am sensitive to the feedback and feed forward that I give to others and that others give to me. 5. I combat the effects of the various types of physical, psychological, and semantic noise that distort messages.…show more content…
By giving the information this way, I increase the possibility of success. Giving a long, detailed list face-to-face, although personal, is not going to be an asset when the employee is trying to recall the steps involved. If I am apologizing for something it would be more heart-felt to deliver the apology in person or even via a telephone call. If I sent the same apology through a text message it wouldn’t have the same feeling or personal touch. Need Improvement The wonderful thing about communication is that it’s a skill that we can improve on. We can address subpar qualities in the way we communicate and we can make a conscious effort to develop and progress. While I reviewed the list there were two competencies that stood out as areas of opportunity. The first was combating the effects of the various types of physical, psychological, and semantic noise that distort messages. In my opinion, I think this is something that many of us could try to improve upon. When you take the various types of “noise” into account it’s easy to see how they can impede one’s ability to effectively communicate. I will look for ways to decrease how noise reduces my ability to effectively communicate by raising my awareness to noise. For example, if I’m speaking to someone on a construction site I need to be aware that the literal noise from the machine can run havoc on our conversation. If I’m speaking to someone who
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