Communication Competence

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Communication Effectiveness

Have you ever had to communicate important information to a diverse group of people you share unique working relationships with? Carrying the responsibility of managing the day to day operation of a fifty five million dollar medical Distribution Company forces me into communication instances which require care and precision for effective delivery. As an Operations Leader, I am responsible for delivering information to a large group of diverse individuals serving several different employment roles. Even though the audience is not responding audibly, as the presenter, I must communicate through a through a transactional communication model, meaning that, “I must communicate simultaneously with my
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As you can see, the context situation and individual I am communication with forces me to choose from a variety of behaviors. Taking into account the diversity of each situation and personality requires thoughtful consideration to which behavior I choose. In addition to having a wide range and focus for the appropriate behavior, I must also consider which skills will allow me to transition from thought into action. As a young child, I developed a severe stuttering problem and had to overcome what seemed to be a life hurdle to successfully communicate in today’s society. It wasn’t until I had reached the 4th grade that my mind was capable or realizing there was a better way to communicate. The grueling process of relearning to breathe and pronounce hard onset syllables was awkward, though the more time I spent practicing, the easier it was to learn new habits and develop strong speaking behaviors. Similarly, learning to communicate with a diverse group of people, I had to practice, sometimes with multiple failed attempts, to achieve a level of skillfulness and an ability to integrate. I’ve taken all the strategies I’ve learned from a child to an adult to become skillful communicator. In additional to applying behaviors mastering personal skills to improve my communication platform, the steps required understanding the competent characteristics of an effective communicator, I feel I will be able to successfully manage and lead a
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